Going Where the Weather Suits my Clothes

Today the adventure begins.  As I sit in our semi-empty house I can’t help but get a little sentimental about how I will miss this place.  Yes, the size the kitchen drives me nuts and we are starting to feel cramped with the addition of a new daughter and dog over the past few years, but still it feels like home.  We made a decision a long time ago that we would embrace life and take on each adventure together – I even said it in my vows – “I will always cheer for Team Perlman, because together we can achieve anything!”  Pretty corny I know but it’s true we have both worked very hard together to achieve a lifestyle and a business that can be operated from any corner of the world – so you would think we would be headed to some far off tropical destination, but really we aren’t that spontaneous or brave!  No our sites are set on four months away from home and the bitter cold that Michigan winters bring.  We will be spending two months in warm sunny Sarasota Florida where my husband grew up and his family resides and two months exploring Roswell Georgia, a town we fell in love with during a summer trip to the mountains.  We plan to embrace these two towns as our own and try to see them through the locals eyes asking ourselves – what would it be like living here and making this our new home?

As hard as it is to think of our life outside of Michigan we know that no matter how many glorious sunny summer days we have here there will always be cold bitter winters that cut you to the bone and after 10 years it’s time to move on.

So here we go.  The final boxes are being packed up and the arrangements being made for our house to be rented out while we are away.  We say goodbye to friends, divvy up our remaining food in the fridge and take a deep breath.  Tomorrow starts a new chapter and I hope you will join us there to experience the ups, downs and all arounds of our life in transition.


3 thoughts on “Going Where the Weather Suits my Clothes

  1. Jess, you write do well and from the heart. I can’t wait to follow your adventure! Having followed my heart all over the country, I admire what you guys are doing as a family. “Those that wander are not always lost.”
    . Hope to see you in Fl…


  2. Wishing safe travels to you guys and hope to Skype soon or if u have FaceTime that works too!! Love and miss u guys!!!!

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