Our YEAR in transition

As the week comes to an end and we close out the year I begin to reflect on 2011 and all that has happened.  I find myself having a hard time thinking back to all the events of the year – what did we do? Where did we go this year?  Then I remember about the ultimate source for all family activity – our calendar!  We are a Mac family so all of our calendars sync up to include everything from playdates for Talia to trips we take to visit friends and family.  As I begin my journey through the calendar entries for the year, here’s what I noticed:

– Corey traveled A TON last year.  Annual conferences and private company workshops had him traveling 2 to 3 times a month which resulted in a very busy schedule, but in turn great growth for our business.  His main struggle this year was finding the motivation and inspiration for his next book – he has several ideas in the works, so his writing journey will continue into the new year. Despite his busy schedule he continued to put his health as a number one priority and amazingly found a way to balance the business, working out and being present as a Dad!

– Talia was a very busy girl – she attended music class and many programs at the library to keep her socially engaged and challenged.  We discovered her love for rolling around in the dirt, sand and of course playing with flour!  She reminds us each day to not take things so seriously, laugh and let go.

 – My months consisted of juggling Talia and Corey’s travel schedule and my own part-time role in the business.  Throughout the year, I continued my passion for biking and triathlons by completing the Tour de Cure in support of my Dad and his fight with Diabetes and my first Triathlon since Talia was born.  My main struggle was, and continues to be, balance in mind, body and spirit- no surprise there!  I look forward to 2012 and finding a balance between what my family needs from me and what I need for myself.

 – As a family, we had many opportunities to connect with our extended family at weddings, holiday celebrations and of course online via skype!  We embraced the time we had with each family member and look forward to many more celebrations of love and life with them in 2012.








Overall 2011 was a great year and our life in transition continues into the new year as we continue to plan for 2012 and focus on finding the perfect place to call home.  Wishing all of you a very Happy New Year!



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