Goodbye Beaches, Hello Mountains

Corey fishing at Sunset

What a whirlwind this past week has been! After two wonderful months of basking in the sun and soaking up lots of beach time and family time, it was time to pack up and move to our next destination, Atlanta, Georgia. We found ourselves sad to leave Sarasota and all it had to offer (See my Top 10 Spots to Visit in Sarasota below), especially our family and all of the friends we made during our stay. I don’t think we realized how comfortable we were there – we had our local gym, local coffee shop and knew our way around town. We had family close by when we wanted to swing by for dinner, just to say hi, or get a break from the crazy world of raising a toddler.

Sarasota treated us well and the weather our last few days there was gorgeous, tempting us to stay longer, but it was time to move on. We packed our bags and every inch of our car and the boys (Corey and Domino) hit the road while the girls (Talia and I) stayed one extra day to soak in the sun and then boarded the plane to Atlanta. Thank goodness the Delta plane gods were with us and the flight attendant moved us to a seat where no one else was sitting with us – not that Talia is a terror on the plane – she’s just getting so big now I had no idea how I was going to have her sit on my lap the whole time without karate chopping the passenger next to us! Fast forward a few hours and we made it safely to Atlanta and Corey was waiting eagerly to see us and have some human conversation after his two days in the car with Domino.

Our first couple of days here were really tough. Getting the family settled into the new space, finding our way around town and adjusting to cooler temperatures. I got lost on the first time to the grocery store, totally took a wrong turn and ended up on the highway with no idea where I was going! After a short meltdown, I turned to my trusted GPS on my phone (thank goodness for technology) and I was able to navigate my way back to the house and share with the rest of the family that we would be having take-out for dinner because I wasn’t going back out there. I did give it another try the next day and made it there no problem at all and then laughed at myself for getting so flustered – how silly Publix was right there the whole time.

Talia on an adventure walk with TuTu

So here we are now renting a place in a cute little town about 20 miles north of Atlanta called Roswell, Georgia. The weather is definitely not as warm as Florida, but the days are sunny and we are having fun discovering new parks for Talia to play and dogs for Domino to run around with. Corey has found his new office, Land of a Thousand Hills, a very cool local coffee shop and I have been picking up every local magazine I can find to learn more about the area and make sure our weekends are packed with fun things to do and great places to eat.  Who knows what the next two months will bring – we are definitely outside our comfort zone here – but no one ever said that was going to be easy.  We are going to embrace each day as  it comes and try not to take what we have here, or in any another other city, for granted.

If you find yourself in the Sarasota area here are my recommended Top 10 Spots to Visit (you will notice that a lot of them are food spots – what can I say we love to eat 🙂

  • 10. Mote Marine – Aquarium where you can catch giant sea turtles, manatees and adorable little penguins
  • 9. – DaRuMa – best sushi and Japanese steakhouse in town
  • 8. – Sungarden Cafe – great breakfast/lunch spot on Siesta Key
  • 7. – St. Armands Circle – Great place to walk, around grab a bite or meet up with friends
  • 6. – Golden Turkey at Corkscrew Deli
  • 5. – Phillippi Farmerhouse Market – fresh seasonal fruit and veggies
  • 4. – Eat Here! – one of our best meals, very casual and really good food
  • 3. – Children’s Garden – a magical place for kids of all ages
  • 2. – LeLu Coffee – coffee shop that has great coffee and yummy food
  • 1. – Siesta Key Beach!  Ranked as the #1 Beach in the U.S. the soft sugary sand feels amazing on your toes and if you’re with Corey you are sure to have a dolphin siting!


One thought on “Goodbye Beaches, Hello Mountains

  1. Hi Jessica! I wish you and your family many well wishes and blessings in your exciting journey. I’m sorry we didn’t hook up again for a play date during your stay…but we will be here on Siesta next visit! Also, I had family who lived in Roswell and Dunwoody…they have since moved to Charlotte, NC, but Makes me realize what a small world it is. Be well and best wishes!
    Nicole Zee

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