Start your Engines – Talia’s 2nd Birthday!

I can’t believe my little girl is 2 year old!  Wow just like many people said, time really does fly by fast.   I secretly get really excited when I know her birthday is coming around because that means that I get to exercise my creativity and come up with a fun theme and party for her and all of our friends and family.  This year was especially fun because she is at an age now where she is starting to get an idea of what is going on and equally gets excited about the party.  In fact ever since her party she has been asking for birthday cake.  When she sees another party at the park she says, Mama birthday cake?  And the other day when we sat down at a restaurant she immediately grabbed the menu card on the table and pointed to the dessert being featured and said – Oh mama I’ll have birthday cake.  Here are some of the highlights from her Lightning McQueen Cars Birthday Party – I am a Pinterest addict so most of the ideas here can be found on my Pinterest Page by clicking here – can’t wait till next year 🙂


Thoughts, Comments and Suggestions Welcome!

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