Every Journey Comes to an End.


Two weeks from now I will have a hysterectomy.  I have struggled with how open I should be about this season of my life and let’s be honest this is not the warm and fuzzy post that you might normally see from me.  Four years ago I was diagnosed with Adenomyosis (Adeno), what I call the evil cousin of Endometriosis (Endo).  To put it simply my Adeno developed from the c-section scar tissue that resulted from the birth of my first child TR.  It is concentrated inside the uterus making it much harder to treat and control the chronic pain.  As I’ve shared this story there have been many women who have shared that they also have Endo/Adeno and have been suffering in silence – I guess that is why they call Endo the silent disease.  So, for that reason I will share with you my journey, the treatments that I tried over the course of my four years and talk about the exhausting and overwhelming challenge of chronic pain and now the grief and heartache I am processing as I near my surgery date.  I know I am not alone in this and I have much to be grateful for, but perhaps a little bit of vulnerability for the next few weeks on my part will give someone else the courage to keep on fighting.



Thoughts, Comments and Suggestions Welcome!

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