You Always Remember the First Time

img_1902I remember this day vividly.  We moved to the Atlanta area in the Spring of 2012 when TR was just turning two. I was having some strange medical stuff happening but couldn’t seem to get any resolution and brushed it off as GI issues.  I decided a good way to meet some new people might be to sign up for a race and pick-up running again.  I signed up for a local half-marathon and began training.  Running for me has always been so freeing – you can just walk out the door and take off listening to music and escape for awhile.  It was my “me” time and a part of the day that I looked forward to especially after doing another kind of “running” after a two year old all day.

In the beginning it was just the activity of running that would cause pain.  I wouldn’t ever be in pain during running I would feel great.  It was a few hours after that my body would be at war again and my runners “high” would quickly turn into a low.  I ended up pulling out of the half-marathon that year due to the pain.  This was the first time that my body and this disease dictated what I physically could and could not do.  Today I’ve learned to push through the pain and have continued to bike, swim and do a lot of walking/hiking.  Every time I step into the gym or dive into the pool I know full well that the exercise will feel great but the pain will come after.  That’s the funny thing about chronic pain, the doctors always want you to keep moving, but for me more activity always = more pain.


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