The Early Stages

29161e0166a0064249f21e4ca25d0036I’ve known a hysterectomy would be coming in my future, I was just hoping that I would have more time.  Four years ago when I walked into my doctors office she had a pretty clear diagnosis after an exam and a few tests – Adeno was the cause of my pain.  She said from Day 1 that the only real cure for Adeno would be a hysterectomy.  At the time that was not an option with TR only a few years old and our hope to someday have another child.  So we agreed to not discuss that option and move onto other alternatives that might help.  Extended birth control was the first thing to try so I went on a number of birth controls trying to find one that would help.  One medication would help with the pain but cause terrible bleeding, another would stop the bleeding but not help with any of the pain.

You have to keep in mind that this was in the early stages of the disease, the pain was and has always been there, but this was at a very mild level.  I was easily able to manage the pain, take care of my family and work through everyday life for at least a year.  I don’t remember having a hard time getting out of bed or having days where I was so exhausted that I could barely make it up the hill to the bus stop, which is the level I am at now.  I do remember going to my doctor in the summer of 2012 and her telling us that if we were still considering another pregnancy then we needed to start getting serious and take some action – ha!  Her concern was that with Endo/Adeno the disease is always growing and spreading.  For every month we decided to wait, our chances of a successful pregnancy were more at risk.

It’s not that we didn’t hear what she was saying, we just already had a busy life with a two year old and a business to run.  My husband was traveling all the time and the pain started to increase in intensity.  So life carried on and so did the pain.


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