The First Time I Reached My Limit

img_2062As I prepare for my surgery next week I can’t help but think back to the last time we decided to go in laparoscopically and see what was really going on.  It was September 2012 and I couldn’t handle the pain I was having any more. It was beginning to ruin my quality of life and on top of that creating some serious stress in the baby making department.  As I sat in the office discussing the procedure Dr. S asked me if I understood what she was saying – and judging by my blank and confused stare back she gathered I needed a more visual approach.  She ripped out this picture from an ad for birth control to show me a visual image of my lady parts .  I seriously can’t believe I found it in a folder with all my medical stuff and have kept it all these years!  Dr. S, would always say that in order for you to understand a diagnosis you have to understand the parts of your body associated with that diagnosis.  I felt like I was back in an Anatomy class trying to grasp the very basics of the women’s body and how it functions. She probably spent an hour with me that day in her office.  That is what I truly love about Dr. S she has a practice committed to you and your health.  Her office appointments could take 30min to 2hrs depending on what her patients needed at that time. So I learned very quickly to plan for a long office wait and appreciate how present she was during our time together.

After a long discussion with my husband, we decided to proceed with surgery and scheduled everything to happen in early October 2012.  Our goal was not only to clean up any affected areas with Endometriosis but also to make sure that everything was looking good from a fertility standpoint, since we were still having little success with getting pregnant.  In medical terms we agreed to do the following:

  • Hysteroscopy – A look inside the uterus, possibly collect samples of tissue
  • Excision of Endometriosis – Remove any existing endo and separate any adhesions that may have formed from the scar tissue resulting from my C-Section in 2010
  • Chromopertubation – Inject dye to make sure fallopian tubes are working good
  • Appendectomy – Remove appendix (preventative measure due to all my pelvic pain studies found at the time that there was a high frequency of abnormal findings in the appendix – including endometriosis – so to prevent the endo from spreading we decided to have the Appendix removed

Surgery lasted about an hour and Dr. S shared with my husband that there was a very little amount of Endo, all fertility parts were working great and my ovaries were still in healthy condition.  All great news except for that part about only a very “small” amount of Endo being found.  This discovery meant that the greater part of the disease was still tucked away in my uterus and signs pointed now more than ever to the diagnosis of Adenomyosis.


Thoughts, Comments and Suggestions Welcome!

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