Top Ten Spots to Visit in Sarasota, FL

Sarasota treated us well and the weather our last few days there   was gorgeous, tempting us to stay longer, but it was time to head back home. If you find yourself in the Sarasota area here are my recommended Top 10 Spots to Visit (you will notice that a lot of them are food […]

Goodbye Beaches, Hello Mountains

What a whirlwind this past week has been! After two wonderful months of basking in the sun and soaking up lots of beach time and family time, it was time to pack up and move to our next destination, Atlanta, Georgia. We found ourselves sad to leave Sarasota and all it had to offer (See […]

Are you following the positive taps?

Guest Post from my better half – Corey Perlman 🙂 A few years ago, I read something in a business book that really stood out to me. It read: Are you following the positive taps? At first I couldn’t figure out what the heck that meant, but as I read further the author explained that […]