The Vortex of Pain

Imagine if you will a tornado following you around each day – for me I envision it sitting on my left shoulder similar to this picture. This tornado never stops spinning and the rate at which it spins depends on the energy that you feed into it. Some days it spins ever so slowly trying […]

Today is the last day of my year.

Today, December 22nd is the one year mark for my overwhelming year of pain and surgeries. December 22nd (neck surgery), February 22nd (neck surgery again due to infection) and September 22nd (hysterectomy) are days I will remember as being filled with fear and uncertainty but at the same time hope and promise for a future […]

Let Food be Thy Medicine ~ Hippocrates

Oh man, just writing about a donut makes me crave that sugary sweetness – you know when Krispy Kreme has their “HOT” sign on – Yum-O! I have a terrible sweet tooth and I’m an emotional eater on top of that, so really my willpower goes out the window when it comes to food.  Despite […]

The First Time I Reached My Limit

As I prepare for my surgery next week I can’t help but think back to the last time we decided to go in laparoscopically and see what was really going on.  It was September 2012 and I couldn’t handle the pain I was having any more. It was beginning to ruin my quality of life […]